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 Tips for Bands:


- Please note that the venue is pretty small. Therefore it does not make sense to bring 4 x 12 guitar- or bass cabinets or 50 to 100 Watt tube amps. Besides an amplifier sounds better if you can crank it up a bit, so a cranked up 5 watt will generally sound better than a 50 watt, that is barely on. 

- We know a lot of drummers want to play loud but, as mentioned before, the venue is small. That means that is gets loud really fast. So please, dear drummers, try to refrain from bashing everything in your sight while playing at this venue :) The audience will appreciate it too. 




We have guitars, an electric bass, amplifiers and cabinets, drums, a synthesiser, as well as 3 singing mics for everyone to use while they play here. Of course there is a mixing desk, a PA and 2 monitors (one for the drummer and one for the band).


Guitar amplifiers


- Huges & Kettner Tubemeister 18 with it's 12 inch cabinet

- Marshall MG 50 DFX


Bass guitar and amplifier


- Rockbass Corvette by Warwick

- Roland Cube 60 XL Cass




- Yamaha MOXF8 (full scale keyboard with motif sound engine)




- Pear Vision Birch Set with Pearl 930 Hardware

- Avedis Zildjan Cymbalds




2 x Shure SM 58 Cardioid

1 x Shure Super 55 Deluxe Super Cardioid


Please note that, for loudness restriction purposes, we do not capture the sound of the drums or the instruments on the PA, except for the syntesiser or acoustic guitars and bass. (acoustic or DI). The only thing that always goes on the PA are the mics. 



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